The Fujiyama school teaches Toyama Ryu Iai Batto Do

Batto-do or Battojutsu  literally means "The art of drawing a sword". Developed in  mid-15th century Japan, it is the aspect of swordsmanship focused upon the efficient draw of the sword, cutting down one's enemy, and returning the sword to its scabbard (saya). The term came into use specifically during the Warring States Period (15th–17th century). Closely related to, but predating, iaido, batto-do training emphasizes defensive counter-attacking.  Batto-do training incorporates kata which generally consist of only a few moves, focusing on stepping up to an enemy whilst drawing, performing one or more cuts, and sheathing the weapon.

The use of a Japanese sword is not something that can be learnt overnight. The methods and techniques take years to master and understand, a journey many of us start but never complete. The Japanese sword is an awesome weapon and there are many myths and stories surrounding it. At the Fujiyama School you will learn to appreciate its simplicity and understand the way the Japanese sword is used correctly, the proper stances, grip on the weapon, the correct way to draw it from the scabbard and how to return it to the scabbard after use.

We teach to the more advanced students tameshigiri (test cutting), which is performed on straw mats. Only through these techniques can you tell whether your cutting is correct and effective, it also lets the student feel the sensation of using the sword for the purpose it was designed for: cutting.

At the Fujiyama School of Batto Do we pride ourselves on producing students that not only know and can perform the Katas required for grading in our style, but have a deeper understanding of the Japanese Sword. We teach each student unarmed defence against a sword, drawing whilst walking, kumite with a sword, walking techniques to determine distance and timing and a host of other techniques, designed to make sure that our students become true swordsmen (or women)

By joining our School you’ll be assured that you will get the best training available and will learn techniques not normally taught or shown to students. Everyone learns at their own pace and are given one to one tuition to make sure they fully understand the techniques shown

We try to keep the training relaxed, we find this way students learn quicker and with less pressure. The school is kept small so that each student can benefit from personal instruction and help in developing their skills, each member is a valued part of the school and everybody helps everybody else. All the students are involved in the running of the club, even down to this website, and should you wish to join the Fujiyama School of Batto-do you will not only be joining a sword club in Norwich, you'll be joining a family with its roots in Japan. 

If you would like any further information about anything to do with the Fujiyama School of Batto-do, please feel free to contact us.